Reynold Yang

Reynold has won 1st place in several competitions such as the 2020 NZ Talented Young Artist Competition, Charleston International Contemporary Competition in 2022, Clara Schumann International Competition 2023/2024 (age catergory 14-16), Best Soloist With a Band, gold in solo performance and gold in chamber music performance in the 2023 New Zealand Concert Band Competition and the Best Under 18 Soloist in the Matamata Band Festival 2023.

Reynold has played with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in their Big Play In programme, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in their Young Talented Artist Showcase concert and also participated in the New Zealand Secondary School Symphony Orchestra as a principal clarinet.

Reynold has also been involved in other festivals such as KBB Honors Band / Orchestra 2022 2023 and as a  Young Artist-in-Residence for the 2023 Akaroa Music Festival.  He has previously received a scholarship from the Pettman Junior Academy based in Auckland and Christchurch

Reynold is an official Young Artist with the RZ Clarinets based in the Czech Republic and, having received  a scholarship from the Royal College of Music in London, is looking forward to starting his undergraduate degree there in September 2024.