Join AYO


Auditions for AYO are held in December each year but we are always keen to hear from young musicians who wish to develop their skills in orchestral playing.

The orchestra caters for young people in the 16-26 age range, although exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.  All players are required to re-audition each year.

The audition comprises some orchestral excerpts (provided by us) and a short piece of your own choosing.  If you would like to audition, please email our Manager at .


AYO has a piccolo, a cor anglais, A clarinets and a bass trombone available for our wind/brass players as required.   AYO also has a double bass, tuba, bassoon, oboe, french horn and trombone for any players who need to borrow an instrument while playing with AYO.

Commitment to AYO involves:

  • being well prepared with your part before rehearsals
  • rehearsals on Wednesday evenings in Epsom (7pm-10pm) and occasional weekend workshops
  • availability for up to three weekend tours (each tour costs approx. $50 for backpacker accommodation + extra for own food)
  • paying an annual Player Subscription of $180 before audition (and refunded if we are regrettably unable to offer you a position).

Benefits of Membership:

As well as being excellent experience to include on your cv, the opportunities below are available only to players in AYO :

Player Subscription:

We are a volunteer organisation and work hard to minimise costs, but our purpose is to provide excellent training in orchestral playing for young musicians and that necessarily involves some significant costs such as rehearsal venue hire, professional coaching, music, storage etc. -  the annual Player Subscription is a small contribution towards covering those costs and costs associated with presenting a dozen concerts each year.  The orchestra relies on concert proceeds, interest, donations and grants to cover the difference.

Enquiries should be directed to the Orchestra Manager, Mary Lin: