Support Us – Kora Fuel Cards

We are excited to bring an opportunity from Kora to donate to AYO regularly via savings on your fuel bill.

Each time you use the pumps at either Mobil or Waitomo fuel stations, a few cents per litre can be automatically donated to AYO.


How it Works

Kora offers card holders 10c/litre savings off the pump price and you can elect to give a few cents of those saving to AYO - 2c, 4c or even the full 10c of the savings if you are feeling super-generous!

There is an account admin fee of $2/month for an account-holder but this would normally be covered by your very first fill each month.  You can have multiple cards on the account for all the drivers in your whanau, it applies to all fuels and there is no limit to how much you pump each month!

If just 200 people sign up and buy 50 litres most weeks, AYO would receive nearly $20,000p.a. - this would be HUGE for us.

Please sign up now to help us!