Josh Webster

Josh has been the recipient of many awards, including a scholarship from Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in 2015.

Josh has won awards in the annual AYO Soloist Competitions, winning the Under 18 prize in 2014 and an Outstanding Performance prize in 2015. Chamber music has also been a success, with Josh winning several awards from the National NZCT Chamber Music Contest and in 2016 winning one of the top three spots in the Auckland University Chamber Competition.

Over the years Josh has had masterclasses and lessons with Maurice Bourgue, Martin Lee, Robert Orr, Gordon Hunt, Alexandre Oguey, Diana Doherty, Eve Newsome, Bede Hanley, Camille White and Alison Jepson.

Josh currently studies with Martin Lee at the University of Auckland and this is his fourth year as part of AYO.