Benjamin Webster

Benjamin Webster is 17 years old and is in year 13 at Westlake Boys. He has played the trumpet for 8 years and his current teacher is Huw Dann, the principal trumpet of the APO.

Benjamin has been a member of AYO since 2015 and is section leader in Westlake Boys’ High School’s premier Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra.

In 2016 he played lead trumpet in “Synq” brass quintet, making it into the Regional Finals of the NZ Secondary Schools Chamber Competition. He he has played in many other ensembles including the 2015-2016 NZ Youth Brass Ensemble, APPA Festival Orchestra, APO Summer School Orchestra, NSYO, AYSO and NSYWSB.

Benjamin is also a scholarship recipient for the National Pettman Junior Academy for 2016 and 2017. He hopes to become a professional trumpet player by continuing his studies at university after high school.