Anny Wang

Twelve-year-old Anny Wang was born in Singapore and moved to Auckland with her family in 2016. She has been learning the piano since she was 5 and in 2018 began learning the cello with teacher Taki Zhang.
Anny joined Pettman National Junior Academy of Music in 2020 and has been learning from Edith Salzmann. In 2022, Anny completed her Piano ATCL and Cello LTCL.

Anny enjoys playing as a soloist and chamber musician and has participated in multiple national and international competitions and received great results. She hopes to use music to spread happiness to the world.

Apart from her interest in music, Anny likes nature and wildlife while enjoying a variety of sports such as hiking, sprints, long jump, and so on. She also likes baking delicious food, and she wishes for peacefulness and a world full of love.