Amber Edwards

Amber is a tertiary student about to embark on her first year at Animation College. She is a Suzuki violin student and has been playing since the age of four and a half.

Her first orchestral experience was spending two years with the Aotea Sinfonietta during primary school. Since then she has played in both her intermediate and high school orchestras and chamber orchestras as a first violin, and a variety of ensembles, including the 2015 KBB Honours Orchestra. Amber has also sung in the school choir and had two of her compositions performed by the school orchestra. In 2016 she travelled to Switzerland to the Suzuki music conference to play with other students from all around the world.

Amber’s other hobbies include archery on the weekends, fantasy writing and video gaming. She also stays active as an online artist on DeviantArt under the name ShoutFinder where she creates fan art and commissioned pieces.