AYO Announces 2019 Composition Competition

We are looking for young composers to write a 7-minute orchestral work or concertino for AYO’s concert series in September 2019.  This competition aims to provide an opportunity for young composers’ work to be heard and for the members of the orchestra to play new music.

Applicants must be:
under 25 years old as at 8 July 2019 and
• able to attend at least two rehearsals (rehearsals for the programme are currently scheduled for Wednesday nights 24 July – 11 September, and afternoon of Sunday 25 August).

This piece will be fully rehearsed by the orchestra, with opportunities for the winning composer to attend rehearsals and gain feedback through workshopping the piece. The work will be performed by the Orchestra at the Auckland Town Hall on 28 September 2019 and on a regional tour.

When writing, please keep in mind the need for clear notation and parts which suit the orchestra and players. The maximum orchestral instrumentation for participants is:  
2 2 2 2 – 4 2 3 1 – tmp+2 (pno) – strings.

We recommend attending an AYO concert or listening to recordings of the orchestra on the AYO website .

The winning composer and piece will be announced via email and Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. retains the right to premiere this work.  It is expected that the concert will be recorded and a copy of that premiere performance will be provided to the composer – AYO retains all rights to the recording.

Application requirements:
Send an email to ayoinformation@gmail.com :

• Your Name and Date of Birth
• A biography of your musical background, including your compositional history
• A brief explanation of your piece (Inspiration/Form) – approx. 300 words
• A pdf score of your work
• A file containing all of the individual orchestral parts. Each part should be in pdf format
• An Mp3 midi file of your work

Applications must arrive by July 8th, 2019 – 4pm, in the form of an email containing all of the above. If you have any questions, please contact Lachlan Grant at ayoinformation@gmail.com