We are always pleased to hear from talented young musicians who are keen to develop orchestral playing skills.
The orchestra caters for young people in the 16-26 age range, although exceptions will be made in certain circumstances.
The 2017 season will run from 25 January to 15 October - three concert programmes will be performed in Auckland.  Each of these programmes will also be presented to regional and provincial centres on a weekend tour.

AYO has a piccolo, a cor anglais and A clarinets available for wind players as required.


Commitment to AYO involves:

  • being well prepared with your part before rehearsals
  • rehearsals on Wednesday evening and occasional weekend workshops
  • availability for three weekend tours
  • paying an annual Players' Subscription of $150, plus contribution to costs of the 3 weekend tours (approx $35/tour + food)
An audition will comprise a short piece of your own choice plus several orchestral excerpts which we will provide in advance.  A recorded audition will be accepted where necessary. All players are required to re-audition each year in December.  Auditions for 2017 were held on Saturday 10 December 2016.  If you would still like to enquire about membership for 2017, click the red button below.

Benefits of Membership:

As well as being excellent experience to include on your cv, the opportunities below are available only to players in AYO :